Eigene Bier Rezepte

Punk!.php Rezept Bitter Smash.php Rezept American Dream.php Rezept British Coffee.php Rezept C++ IPA.php Rezept Pacific Session.php Rezept In Bruges.php Rezept Steam Engine.php Rezept Full Moon Stout.php Rezept Barbe Rouge.php Rezept Hop Bomb.php Rezept Mandarinli.php Rezept IPR.php Rezept Abdijbier.php Rezept Pilgrim Irish Dry.php Rezept Smash the Fuggles.php Rezept Fruit Basket.php Rezept Hoppiness is a Warm Gun.php Rezept Quick Wit.php Rezept Paint it Black.php Rezept Whakaari.php Rezept Maxwell Bier.php Rezept Du Dubbel.php Rezept Cascading Swiss Smash.php Rezept Cill Chainnigh.php Rezept AG DDH FWH DNEIPA.php Rezept Saison of the Witch.php Rezept Quadrupel IPA.php Rezept Windsor Gold.php Rezept Magical Mistery Beer.php Rezept 33.php Rezept The India Pale Ale.php Rezept BrutAle.php Rezept Crno.php Rezept .38 Special.php Rezept Å.php Rezept Barrel Proof.php Rezept Dr. Rudi.php Rezept Brassin de Noël.php Rezept Why does this beer have such a stupidly long name?.php Rezept Red Rye Redemption.php Rezept Double the Gun, Double the Fun.php Rezept Smoke on the Water.php Rezept Api Ciasom.php Rezept Brit Hesch Bock?.php Rezept The Empire Strikes Back.php Rezept Woody Barrelson.php Rezept American Dream II.php Rezept Take a Walk on the Mild Side.php Rezept Tandem-Rotor Helicopter IPA.php Rezept

Meine gebrauten Biere sind in der folgenden Tabelle bewertet

Punk!West Coast IPA6%6/10
Bitter SmashBitter Ale5.2%5/10
American DreamAmber Ale5.6%6/10
British CoffeeBrown Ale6%4/10
C++ IPADouble IPA7.6%7/10
Pacific SessionSession IPA3.8%7/10
In BrugesQuadrupel11.3%8/10
Steam EngineCalifornia Common5.3%6/10
Full Moon StoutStout7.5%7/10
Barbe RougeRed Ale5.1%7/10
Hop BombWest Coast IPA5.9%8/10
MandarinliAmerican Pale Ale4.7%6/10
IPRBlack IPA6.8%6/10
Kreuz HopfenteeEnglish Pale Ale4.2%4/10
AbdijbierBelgian Ale4.9%5/10
Pilgrim's CrossEnglish IPA5.9%6/10
Smash the FugglesBitter Ale3.8%6/10
Irish DryDry Stout4%6/10
Fruit BasketNew England IPA5.7%7/10
Hoppiness is a Warm GunDouble IPA8.5%7/10
Quick WitWitbier5%3/10
Paint it BlackImperial Stout10.6%8/10
WhakaariSession IPA3.4%6/10
Maxwell's Silver AmberAmber Ale5.8%6/10
BierLager / Pils4.8%5/10
Du DubbelDubbel5.5%6/10
Cascading Swiss SmashAmerican Pale Ale5.4%6/10
Cill ChainnighRed Ale3.7%5/10
AG DDH FWH DNEIPANew England IPA7.2%8/10
Saison of the WitchSaison / Grisette5.4%7/10
Quadrupel IPABelgian IPA / White IPA10.8%7/10
Windsor GoldStrong Ale8.2%6/10
Magical Mistery BeerBlack IPA8.7%8/10
33India Pale Lager4.8%4/10
MuricaAmerican Wheat Beer5.8%7/10
The India Pale AleEnglish IPA5.7%7/10
BrutaleWest Coast IPA7.6%6/10
CrnoDunkles Lager4.3%6/10
.38 SpecialBlonde Ale / Kölsch4.5%7/10
ÅAmerican Pale Ale5.7%6/10
Barrel ProofImperial Stout8.6%8/10
Dr. RudiSession IPA2.8%6/10
Brassin de NoëlDubbel7.1%5/10
Why does this beer have such a stupidly long name?Tripel9.2%7/10
Red Rye RedemptionEast Coast IPA6%6/10
Api CiasomWest Coast IPA5.9%8/10
Smoke on the WaterDry Stout4%6/10
Brit' WheatEnglish Pale Ale4.1%5/10
Double the Gun, Double the FunNew England IPA8.8%8/10
Woody BarrelsonAmber Ale5.7%7/10